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About Denisecraft

Vintage Sewing Patterns never really go out of style, they just get re-worked.  The hemline gets raised or lowered, the neckline plunges or gets higher. Bows are taken off and on.  Ties, belts, darts, and pleats come and go.  Some of these looks are "classic" and some are "new" but these vintage sewing patterns are still alive in the malls and in the fashions that walk and are showcased in the malls, on television, and in the streets of our towns and cities everyday.  Lately, 70s fashions have taken root.  Mini Skirts, halter tops, and the retro look.  Just last year though, it was difficult to walk out the door without seeing a woman in a 50s  bombshell beauty dress.  Here is your chance to be creative, like a style or an era, pick up a sewing patten or two and create your perfect fashion dress, top, or pants or sew something for your home. Sewing is fun for men, women, and children.

Can't sew.  It's easy and there are many online tutorials and videos that can help.  A basic sewing machine can be found at local thrift shops or stores.  You don't need to get fancy with the machine, as most of it is in the imagination and not in the machine. Most of the time, a straight stitch or basic zig zag stich is all you need.  Have fun, enjoy creating that perfect fitting garment or sewing project just for you. So what are you waiting for, let's get going.