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McCall 1590 Kaumagraph Transfer Holiday 50s Gingerbread House Christmas Pattern - Great Sewing Patterns - 1

McCall 1590 Kaumagraph Transfer Holiday 50s Gingerbread House Christmas Pattern

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The transfer enclosed in this pattern is to be stamped on light and heavy weight cardboard.  The light-weight cardboard is used to make the stencil cut-outs for the gingerbread house, four trees, horse, hen, dormouse, cat, two geese, duck, chanticleer, witch, and Hansel and Gretel.  The walls of the house, trees and little figures are to be made from the gingerbread mixture.  The heavy-weight cardboard is used as a foundation for the floor and roof, as well as a support for the gingerbread walls. The enclosed leaflet gives the gingerbread recipe, materials required and 12 photographic steps for making the house and decorations. The scalloped roof is made with candied lime slices, edged with peppermint candy rounds. The chimney is made of nougat. Peppermint candy canes, gum drops, etc, add to the trimming. 

Many of the little figures and cut-outs you find in this pattern make makes delightful patterns for other holiday cookies.  In the illustration below, you see the witch (about 2 1/2" high) and cat cut from a gingerbread dough and baked right on top of a plain lemon cookie (any light colored cookie is fine). Tastes good, looks wonderful to children.

Year: 1950s

Pattern is Complete and UnCut.

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